GF225 S Line - GF255 S Line- GF255 ProLine

The all GF220 S Line, GF225 S Line and GF255 S Line are fixed chamber balers designed for maximum flexibility in all crop conditions. Perfectly shaped bales, combined with long lasting reliable performance ensure that these balers will be a profitable investment. The combined bale chamber concept, with roller at front and chain and slat at the rear is the ideal combination for dense and well-shaped bales in all conditions. The system ensures maximal bale rotation in all types of wet or dry crops.

The Advantages:

  • Bale diameter of 1.20x1.25m and 1.20x1.55m
  • 2.0m (Fork, Dual Fork and PowerFeed rotor) and 2.2m (SuperCut-14) pick-up width
  • Single and Dual Fork and PowerFeed Rotor.
  • SuperCut-14 cutting system.
  • RotaMax chamber concept with rollers and chain and slat.
  • 4 tine bars with 28 tines each and 5 tine bars with 32 tines each.
  • PowerBind Twine and Net wrapping Systems
  • Simple and intuitive control with the Focus 3 terminal.
  • Parallelogram DropFloor system for easy unblocking.

Technical Specifications:

  bale Diameter Intake System Binding (optional)
 GF225R S Line  1.20 x 1.25m  PowerFeed Rotor  Twine (Net or Double Binding)
 GF225 SC-14 S Line  1.20 x 12.5m  SuperCut-14  Net (Double Binding)
 GF255F S Line  1.20 x 1.55m  Fork Feeder  Twine (Net or Double Binding)
 GF255FD S Line  1.20 x 1.55m Dual Fork Feeder  Net (Double Binding)
 GF255 SC-14 ProLine  1.20 x 1.55m  SuperCut-14  Net (Double Binding)