GV516 - GV520 Pro-Line

With true multi crop performance in silage, hay and straw, the new GV516 and GV520 Pro-line incorporate a host of features to make your working day more profitable. Both models offer truly intelligent baling with a clean raking 2.2m 5 tine bar pick-up, choice of intake system, programmable ’multi chamber’ bale density system and user friendly controls. The two versions offer bale diameters from 0.60m up to 1.65m and 2.00m respectively. The new GV516 and GV520 Pro-Line are fully ISOBUS compatible.

The Advantages:

  • Intelligent Density 3D with new easy setting of bale density - pre-selectable from the tractor cab.
  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting
  • 2.2 m pick-up with small diameter for fast and efficient throughput.
  • PowerFeed and SuperCut-14 rotors for efficient cutting and tight bales.
  • DropFloor for easy unblocking.
  • 3 different core densities, pre-selectable from the tractor cab.
  • Easy and simple loading of net roll.
  • Easy control with the Auto Bale Monitor.
  • ISOBUS control

Technical Specifications:

  Bale Diameter Intake System Binding
GV516R Pro-Line 1.20x0.6-1.65m PowerFeed rotor Twine, net, double
GV516 SC-14 Pro-Line 1.20x0.6-1.65m SuperCut-14 Net, double
GV516-SC25 Pro-Line 1.20x0.6-1.65m SuperCut-25 Net
GV520R Pro-Line 1.20x0.6-2.00m PowerFeed rotor Twine, net, double
GV520 SC-14 Pro-Line 1.20x0.6-2.00m SuperCut-14 Net, double
GV520 SC-25 Pro-Lie 1.20x0.6-2.00m SuperCut-25 Net
GV516 - GV520 Pro-Line
GV516 - GV520 Pro-Line