New Fixed Chamber Balers

New Gallignani GF200 -300 Series: More Groundbreaking Innovations for Added Simplicity, Productivity and Reliability

Gallignani reveals its new GF200 and 300 series of fixed chamber round balers. Promising an increase in both output and reliability, the GF series incorporates an upgraded range of features, including PowerBind net and twine systems, enhanced control software for easy selection of bale density and an innovative new drop floor blockage clearance system. The new models also come wrapped up in stylish new ABS plastic covers.

New PowerBind Net Wrapping – Simplified – Highly Productive – Reliable

The GF series incorporates the patented PowerBind net wrap system for the first time on a fixed chamber model. The PowerBind system offers fast and reliable application of net onto the bale, while simultaneously enabling a significant reduction in elements needed,with complex and potentially troublesome feed rollers having been completely eliminated. Additionally PowerBind provides one of the fastest net wrap actions available for enhanced productivity.

The net is positively fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm which provides accurate and extremely reliable net injection, with no interference from external factors such as wind and crop.PowerBind is claimed to be one of the fastest net wrapping solutions available. In addition, the low mounted position of the PowerBind system makes for very easy loading and threading of the net roll, surely a decisive element at a time when there is a tendency for net rolls to grow ever larger and heavier.

 New parallelogram drop floor system for easy unblocking

GF series balers are equipped with a new drop floor system which brings faster and more effective clearing of any blockage in the intake channel from the comfort of the tractor cab.

The new system, which is patented, not only lowers the rear edge of the drop floor as per conventional systems, but has the floor mounted on a parallelogram linkage, so at it lowers, it also provides additional space under the front section of the intake rotor, where in all reality, a blockage is more likely to occur.

New control software designed to increase productivity

A revised software package allows the user to select one of three pre-configured bale densities activated from the menu of the control box. With separate programs tailored for straw, hay or silage and each linked to a specific binding cycle, the change-over between different crops is much easier, with no requirement for the operator to leave the tractor cab and also limiting the risk of mistakes.

Wide model offering

With a range covering two product lines, there is a GF model to suit all requirements in terms of crop variety and size of business: the GF225 and 255 (with a bale size of 120x125cm and 120x155cm respectively), with RotaMax bale chamber incorporate rollers in the front section and chains & slats in the tailgate and are designed for full crop versatility. The GF325, with PowerMax full roller bale chamber is aimed at top performance in silage.

Gallignani GF Series – Specifications in Brief:

  GF225            S-Line GF255               S & Pro Line GF325          Pro-Line
Bale   size 1.20x1.25fm 1.20x1.55fm 1.20x1.25fm

Fork   Feeder  PowerFeed

SuperCut   14

Fork   Feeder  PowerFeed

SuperCut   14



SuperCut   25

Pick-Up   2.00   or 2.20m 2.00   or 2.20m 2.20m